Thursday, July 7, 2011

Coffee or Hot Chocolate?

There was a very lively discussion going on around the Table of Important Decisions last week about what was tastier,tea or coffee or hot chocolate. Bugbear was clearly in favor of hot chocolate, Mr. Sumppi said he prefers coffee, Honeylips said he likes a nice tall glass of ice tea, especially in the summer. Boxtroll had recently discovered cappuccino and other 'fancy coffees', but he still likes a glass of milk before bedtime.
Trumpetnose stood up and spoke:
Oh, who knows what it should be,
coffee, hot chocolate or tea?
But it seems to me,
that when you're thirsty and hot,
fresh water is the best of the lot!
Everyone agreed that Trumpetnose was right again, and since they were all feeling thirsty, they decided to enjoy some nice, fresh water.