Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Welcome to the FAUNI Trollworld!

We are so glad you found us!
This is our first attempt at blogging, and there is much discussion going on all around Trolldom about how to do this. I am sure everybody here will want to pitch in and contribute, so there will be posts by many different Fauni-folks as we go along. We will try to paint you a picture of life in Trolldom and let you meet as many Faunitrolls as possible. We'll also share our favorite recipes at times and talk about what Trolls do for fun, what they read, where they like to go for vacation and so on...
The Troll Council has scheduled a meeting for tomorrow morning at the Table Of Important Decisions to discuss and come up with some plans for this blog. In the meanwhile, I will be your host as we get started. My name is Minna and my favorite thing to do is to tell troll-stories and act as a spokesperson for Fauni-trolls. We hope you will visit our website, www.trollforest.com, and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. We will do our best to keep the MUDHATS from interfering with our blog - they live in the Mudswamp just outside of Trolldom and they are real troublemakers... I so hope they don't find out about this.
We will return tomorrow - I expect that we will hear from Trumpetnose next, after all he is the esteemed leader of Trolldom and a fine poet as well.

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