Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's March already!

Hello Friends,
and greetings again from all of us here in Trolldom. Spring is definitely approaching, and it is evident in all the busy activity amongst the inhabitants of Trolldom.
Mrs. Sumppi has made several trips to the Garden Center and has come back with all kinds of plants and young trees and packets of seeds and the Sumppi children can hardly wait to start digging in the garden and helping plant all these additions that look so interesting.
Greennose has been tending to his projects at his greenhouse - he always starts a whole bunch of plants from seeds and he told me that this year he is going all out for Sweet Peas!
Trumpetnose has recovered along with his computer from the recent virus attack, but now he seems to be having trouble getting started on new poems or stories. It is always a painful and sometimes a very long process, but usually the end product is well worth the wait.

Lilli and Buster are planning some kind of surprise event this spring but there are no details yet. They are considering many different ideas - perhaps a party would be nice (Buster is always in favor of parties, especially if there are going to be cookies there), or maybe a camping trip, or a picnic.

Boxtroll has been talking about perhaps taking a short trip back to Boxplanet and Bugbear is hoping he could go along. Boxtroll has been working on his amazing spaceship, making sure that it is in perfect working condition and so on. We will keep you posted about this and will let you know what happens as it happens. If you want to see what Boxtroll's spaceship looks like, please visit our website and read the story about it by clicking HERE.

Thank you for reading our blog, we hope you enjoy getting to know us and finding out more about life in the FAUNI Trollworld.

Have a super-good day - and remember to keep those Fairy-tale Eyes and Ears open! You'll never know what you'll see when you do!

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