Sunday, June 19, 2011

summer thoughts

Dear Troll Friends,
warm greetings from Trollforest - we hope you are all having an enjoyable summer! Bugbear has been busy munching on blueberries - he can't decide which ones he likes better, blueberries or strawberries. Boxtroll preferes blueberries - they are such a nice blue color, but who can argue with Mother Nature anyway? They are all good - and good for you!
Trumpetnose is trying to come up with a new poem... but is having trouble even getting started.
We are happy to tell you that a dear Fauni-friend from Aberdeen, Scotland has started a FAUNI FRIENDS group on Facebook - this is very exciting because it is the first one for us! So please check it out and we hope you all join in!
Also, on our website, we have posted links to the FAUNI FRIENDS group, and there are links to a couple of documentaries about our Fauni Troll world. We hope you enjoy them!
More newa later, now it's time for a few more blueberries!

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